You are more than your substance use.
We can help you manifest your mind.


Redefining traditional substance use treatments through psychedelic therapies and evidence-based medicines

Levitee Clinics™ provides a bridge to recovery.  We are dedicated to addressing the inefficiencies that exist within current clinical treatments so you can address your addiction, chronic pain, and mental health.

Currently serving over 30,000 patients, Levitee Clinics™ is the largest nongovernmental provider of addiction and chronic pain services in Alberta.

“The team at Levitee Clinics really take the time to explain the different treatment options available and why one may work better for your unique needs. They’re personable, patient and professional. I had a great experience and I recommend a visit for any one suffering from substance abuse."

“This place has been such a blessing to me. I’ve suffered from chronic pain and other subsequent mental health issues for 15+ years and the doctors here finally gave me hope”.

“I was a high functioning addict for 35 years. Levitee Clinics’ care team helped me recognize the root of my triggers so I can break the patterns of my disordered behaviour. Combined with the correct treatment, I have now been able to mend relationships with not only myself, but my family members as well.”

“For everyone who is looking to heal, and I mean really heal and be well, I would recommend treatment at Levitee Clinics to anyone or any family member looking to get help for a loved one.”

Our patient-centric care approach

Levitee Clinics™ has established care teams at each of our clinic locations to serve our patients. They provide our specialized treatment services that are designed to provide individualized care to our patients.

Our treatment program is recovery oriented and we recognize and support the fact that each individuals recovery journey might look different and is personal.


Short Wait Times


Safe & Discreet


Teams of Techicians


Respect & Dignity


Help with funding


Consistent Support


Our patient-centric care approach

We promise our clients efficiency and aim to minimize their wait, Levitee Clinics™ patients have short wait times. We have a team of Physicians, Nurses & Health Professionals who are specialized in the treatment of addiction.

We can provide the support to fill out subsidization forms for government funding and financial aid. We provide our clients with a clean, safe and discreet facility for them to receive the treatment they need.

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